The Hayden Kian Agency 

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Why Us?

#21's Rich and Famous List - 2011

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children
Chief Development Officer - 2011

Platinum Level Expert Author - 2011

#77's Orphan's and Foster Home Books - 2011

#97's Orphan's and Foster Home Books - 2011

#97's Sexual Abuse Books - 2011

#99's Sexual Abuse Books - 2011

#56's Rich and Famous List - 2011

Guest Speaker - Paso Robles Film Festival- 2010

Guest Speaker- The State and Fate of Children- 2010

#56's Sexual Abuse Books - 2010

The Rare Life Award Nomination:- 2009, 2010, 2011

Renovo Rotary Club Golden Pen  Recipient - 2009

#77's Orphan's and Foster Home Books - 2009

#65 Barnes and Nobles Bestsellers List ~ 2008

#3 Sports and MMA Action on Barnes and Nobles Bestsellers ~ 2008

Who We Are:

Donna Kshir 

(pronounced Shear)

is Hayden Kian's lead literary agent and publisher. She is a Bestselling Author and Publisher, Child Advocate, Public Speaker, Blogger and Internet Radio Host who seeks truth and justice for those exposed to abuse. 

Donna is Certified in Child Abuse Advocacy and Intimate Partner Violence. Her  mission is to help raise public awareness and provide education to stop and prevent child abuse, and to speak out and write against all the injustices of the world. She is devoted to children, parents and professionals that work and advocate for children. Donna's goal is to write and publish books focusing on public awareness for teen dating violence, child abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence through her label, K-POTT BOOKS.  Donna's goal is to be "one more voice" to help stop the cycle of abuse, and make this world a better place for children.

In 2007, Donna was elected the President and Chief Development Officer at Dreamcatchers for Abused Children. She also oversees Dreamcatchers new Missing Children Division, and is focused on bringing each of these cases to the forefront, helping locate each person and dedicated to bringing each child home, safely.

Nearly 2,300 people go missing each day: Both children and adults. And yet so many cases go unrecognized, unreported and forgotten before their communities know they're gone.

Donna is also the Executive Writer, Executive Producer and Host of the Internet Radio Show, Dreamcatchers Talk Radio, she and Sandra created in January 2009.


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