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Online shopping for the best Child Advocacy Books on the market. 12x Bestselling author Donna Kshir uses her experience and expertise as a Mandated Reporter, Certification in Child Abuse Awareness and Childhood Sexual Abuse Awareness, as well as Intimate Partner Violence to release a series of child abuse, domestic violence & childhood sexual abuse prevention books, as well as books that focus on teen issues.

Each book comes with a story focusing on the harsh reality of abuse/violence, as well as a tutorial section that provides the signs, symptoms, prevention, reporting abuse, seeking help or assistance, and ways to protect you and your child from your abuser. 

Donna is currently writing a series of books called Renovo Storytellers telling unique stories of her hometown located in the heart of north-central Pennsylvania.

Several books were co-authored by Sandra Potter.

For a complete list of K-Pott Books visit their website HERE!!